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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Champions League Final 2014

The DA Luz stadium in Lisbon will Face  tomorrow,the biggest play in history between Real Madrid and Atletico in the final of the UEFA Champions League , in an exciting duel between the obsession with ' Tenth ' Cup white Europe and the enthusiasm and ambition for the red and white ' First ' .

Everyone earring of a football match, a date for the history and eternity in the city of Madrid, for a trophy coveted by the Real Madrid team for twelve years and a cherished chance for Atletico last 40 since 1974 when he lost that painful final against Bayern Munich in Brussels.

Individualities and offensive power of Real Madrid's Copa del Rey champion this season, against the block , intensity, strength and defensive strength Atletico up in a wave of good feelings in his formidable campaign , in which Saturday League celebrated a championship 18 years later.

The prize for the winner, now , it's great in Lisbon, where Real Madrid faces the most awaited moment after twelve years that have shaped an obsession called ' Tenth ' , the golden opportunity of a generation to complete a progressive growth after years in which he left the rightful place in a competition which is the most successful team . The six years without passing knockout were a slab for a handful of coaches until he landed Jose Mourinho.

With the Portuguese broke barriers but new , semi-finals where they ran three consecutive years until Carlo Ancelotti has shown the way , leading to his thirteenth .From the quiet , close to player and very similar to Vicente Del Bosque, who gave a technical last European Cup to Real Madrid profile.

Ancelotti Lisbon can become the most successful coach with a win . Equalize three European Cups won by Bob Paisley Liverpool. He has taken advantage of the strengths of their players bet on with an offensive 4-3-3 , exploiting direct play with the speed of players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale or Angel Di Maria and a personality to always leave for the ball.

After the exhibition in the group stage , with the team scoring record and Cristiano Ronaldo , Real Madrid had to demystify the ' German curse ' to sow his way to the final . He thrashed Schalke avenged his last executioner , Borussia Dortmund , and pulled the colors reigning champions Bayern Munich . The brilliance of the 0-4 semifinal and signed in a land where there was never defeated , the Allianz Arena , resulted in League final relaxation . The real goal I had before it . The opportunity to get the ' Tenth ' after twelve years of drought was a reality.

A muscle injury of biceps femoris posterior aspects of the right thigh , including a visit to Belgrade this week to try to shorten processing time limits under Marijana Kovacevic , questions involving the front end, even in the starting lineup , as also happens midfielder , with more options but still recovering from a blow to the iliac crest.