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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Euro Football Big Match: Italy vs Spain

Italy on the way to Spain. Again. As in the final of Euro 2012 or in the semifinal of the Confederations Cup 2013. But this time with a mind, is interpreted differently.

Italy wants back the old flavor of the past, one in which surrendered to Spain in the lead by more than outside the Red which dominate in the field. And the selection of Del Bosque, who suspected any flavor of confidence is shaken before a guessing game hard.

The protagonists of the final at the 2012 tournament, which Spain resolved with a spectacular 4-0, cited this time in the first round group stage after they overcame with the same six points but dismissing her with different feelings, because while Italian finished first, the Spaniards were defeated by Croatia who opened the door to doubts.

Planning a trip to Lens and contemplating a friendly route direct crossings, the team of Del Bosque was surprised by the Croatians with late goal that broke both schemes like tranquility and calm until around the locker room.

And it warned that days ago by Pedro tone output even public disgust provoked the coach did not fit squad Hispanic serenely a KO that changed his route and led Sunday to Paris.

If anything the difference between this team and that is that then a defense that frightened and immeasurable work, he added fantasy of Roberto Baggio, who with his goals came from behind in the second round to Nigeria, defeated in the last minute to Spain in the quarter and it was enough to beat Bulgaria in the semifinals before losing on penalties in the end (with failure Baggio) against Brazil.

Today Antonio Conte has at his command a footballer that marks differences that way. But for now, he has not needed ...