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Friday, 13 January 2017

Handball Match: Japan vs France

Two days after their successful entry in the Handball World Championship-2017 in Bercy (31-16 victory against Brazil), the French team is playing at 17:45 his second match of the competition, against Japan. And it is in Nantes, in Hall XXL that the Experts take their quarters for the continuation of this phase of chickens.

The second step for France will be Japan, today in Nantes. In a game that looks unbalanced given the standing of the opponents, the goals will be numerous and will come from everywhere.

On Wednesday evening in Paris, France - Brazil, opening match of the World Cup, was the occasion to discover a new aspect of the international handball: goals are marked from far away, whereas the guardian supposed to intervene is not at his post or arriving late.

Marking an empty goal is the result of a new rule put in place by the International Federation (IHF) just before the Rio Olympic Games. In the offensive phase, a coach can now release his goalkeeper to six to six (in case of numerical inferiority), or even seven to six.

Since 2011, the team of Japan has no longer participated in a world championship. For the Olympic Games, the last participation dates back to 1988. In short, the team coached by the Spanish Antonio Ortega Perez. By taking the 3rd place of the Asian championship earlier this year, Japan reopened the doors of the World Cup.